Mr. Loose Screws

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting Loose Screws!  Loose Screws is your Pacific Coast 1911 bike and gun parts champions.  I grew up in the forests of Washington, spent my later youth in Portland, started Loose Screws in SoCal to later move it up to the Puget Sound area, where I presently reside.  I frequently tour up and down the Pacific Coast, and if there’s one thing I understand, it’s the Pacific Coast gun owner.  I know the unique challenges that California gun owners face, and I consider it my duty to get 1911 kits and 80% frames into the hands of Californians and Americans in general.

Loose Screws has a 60 day return policy, just like you’d see on Ebay or Amazon.  The kits and frames are great, and problems are rare.  Any problem arises, I’ve got you covered on return shipping.

Also check out the selection of bicycle parts for your restoration projects.  Good prices abound!

Thanks again!
-Mr. Loose Screws