AAC 18T 1/2×28 Spring Mount 3 Prong 5.56 .223 — Blackout Style — 100188


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New part from manufacturers overrun. Offered at super low price!

The open-end, 3-prong design of the Blackout unit is inherently stronger than 4-prong units, and is not subject to the wear and erosion commonly encountered with closed-end designs. All Blackout units are machined from high strength aerospace steel alloy and coated in a hard, durable, corrosion resistant SCARmor finish.

The 18-Tooth Blackout unit makes use of AAC’s original spring mounting system. The 18T mount is a simple and secure way to quickly attach or detach accessories via a single inconel spring in the base of the accessory body. 18T models are designed specifically for use with AAC’s first generation, fast attach accessories, and are not compatible with the newer ratchet mount (51-Tooth) or ratchet mount taper (90-Tooth) accessories.

Part Number AAC 100188

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in