Colt 1911 magazine 45 acp 7rd Black/Blue – "A box" Generic mag

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  Generic Colt 1911 mag 45 acp 7rd – “A box”

Generic Colt 1911 7rd 45 acp Full Size Mag. Will combine shipping to $3.50 total for any number of these generic mags. Lots can fit in a Priority Flat Rate. These come from my “A Box” of unbranded used mags. I also have a lower grade of “B Box” mags that I keep for shop usage. Here’s how it works for these “A Box” mags for sale.

Condition will appear to be between the 1st picture and the 2nd picture. Expect wear, they are used mags after all.

For quantity orders, I try my best to keep them all the same exactly. Orders of more than 6 will be attempted to match into groups of 3 of 4, which ever may make more sense for what I’ve got in the box.

All mags will be Full Size 45 ACP 7rd with a metal follower. No polymer or metal/polymer 2-piece followers. I set the “A box” to be reliable mags given their age. Most likely a standard GI stamped follower, sometimes rounded metalform style. Feedlips may be either wadcutter, hybrid, or GI. If drilled for a baseplate, it will be factory aligned drill holes. May not be drilled for basepad. May or may not have basepad, if it has a basepad and you want to remove it, I do guarantee the basepad will be removable….no stripped screws. Sometimes I put mags with glued down base pads in this box, especially identifiable Colt or McCormick / Shooting Star. If you want to remove the basepad in this case, pop it off with pliers, and lightly sand or acetone off the adhesive.

Sorry, no requests at this insanely low price as I also offer a full catalog of used mags by brand and type. Think of it as similar to buying discount carpet tiles….it will get the job done, but the lowest prices go to the guys OK with some randomness. BTW, I carpeted a cabin this way, cheap and kicked ass!


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