Shimano NOS Bicycle Deore XT Rear Axle Locknut 10x1x9mm


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This rear axle locknut is 9mm thick and will fit Shimano quick release rear Axle and some solid rear Axle. Deore XT hubs with solid rear Axle sometimes came with 10 x 1 axle threading (the same as a Shimano quick release axle) but oftentimes came with 3/8″ x 26tpi axle threading. A good way to determine whether your Shimano solid axle has 10mm or 3/8″ threading is to take a nut from that axle and see if it will thread onto a Shimano quick release rear axle. If the nut threads onto the quick release axle, the solid axle the nut came from has 10mm threading. If it will not thread on, the solid axle the nut came from has 3/8″ threading, which is slightly smaller.

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