Shimano NOS Bicycle 6 speed Hyperglide Freewheel Cog Set 14-16-18-21-24-28


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These 6 Hyperglide freewheel (not cassette) cogs fit all Shimano 6 speed Hyperglide freewheels, where the smallest cog threads on and is 13T or larger; this includes models HG22, HG37, HG40, etc. The 14T cog is thread on, the 16 and 18T cogs have a small diameter wavy inner spline, and the 21, 24 and 28T cogs have a large diameter wavy inner spline. These wavy splined cogs will also fit Shimano 6 speed Uniglide freewheel bodies for models MF-7400, MF-6208 and MF-Z012, but ONLY if you grind away the one wider spline on the inside diameter of each cog. A dremel tool with a 1/4 inch diameter cylindrical grinding stone works well for this purpose. The largest cog in this set is black, and all the other cogs are brown. (Note that the freewheel body and spacers are not included!)

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