Suntour NOS Bicycle XC Comp Cassette Hub 7 speed 130mm Spacing, 32 Hole


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This XC Comp hollow axle rear hub has 130mm axle spacing and is sold without the quick release skewer. This hub requires the use of a Suntour 7 speed non-microdrive cassette where the smallest cog is a thread on cog AND has 12 or more teeth. We have 8 speed Micro Drive cassettes which will fit this hub, by removing the smallest cog and using 7 gears in non-MicroDrive fashion. The small cog is difficult to remove in this case.  You can also use the 6 gears of an 8 speed cassette and a standard bottom bracket lockring to cinch the whole thing.  Makes a great compact cassette on hub this way.  NEW old stock!

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